Visco Pedic Mattresses Are Out of This World!

Published: 02nd October 2006
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The visco pedic mattresses are also well-known as Memory Foam. The memory foam mattresses trace their source to N.A.S.A where they were used to cover astronauts from the extreme pressure of gravitational force when they flew into space.

The specialty of the memory foam was that it was intended to conform to the shape of the astronauts bodies based on their bodies temperature and weight. This provided excellent support to the astronauts body over long periods of time.

This foam became very popular and it was used by the medical community for healing patients and later it was realized it could be used at home also. As a result, memory foam modified into visco pedic mattresses and made an entry into the public markets.

What makes visco pedic mattresses so unique is a combination of a large number of properties that provide the most comfortable sleeping experience available for you. Let us consider what these are.

THE NAME OF THE GAME: Why these mattresses are identified Memory Foam in essence reflects on their quality properties. The name may be a way to describe the foam's ability to mold to your body's contours while you lie on it.

When you tweak angles or get up out of bed, the foam slowly regains its initial flat surface until the later time you use it. The mattresses are capable of "remembering" and resuming its initial form after every use. This is one of the most crucial assets of the visco-pedic mattress. It basically remembers!!

PRESSURE TACTICS: When reclining on a mattress produced of memory foam your body will gently sink into it. This is because the mattress is made up of individual castles of foam and each one respond to your bodys shape and temperature.

The result will be that the natural hollows of your body, like those in your neck, knees, shoulders back etc, will be cradled leading to a feeling of gentle support. The joints in your body, along with the muscle groups, will be relaxed, leading to a feeling of weightlessness, all enabling you to nod off to sleep gently.

If you compare this sensation with that of resting on a conventional mattress, either spring, coil or normal foam, you will find that these mattresses expect your body to conform to their surfaces, which are rigid. These mattresses actually push upwards and will cause a pressure build up in your body, in an attempt to make your body adapt to their flat surfaces.

The ultimate result will be a reduction in blood supply and crappy discomfort. This will cause more unpleasantness to sufferers of chronic back pain. You will have to alter the position you are sleeping in to make yourself comfortable, and this will disturb your sleep.

DONT BUG ME: Memory foam mattresses or vicso pedic mattresses have been found not to breed dust mites. These dust mites are harmful to sufferers of allergies, asthma and other related respiratory problems. These bugs are found to inhabit the materials which cover the mattresses.

MAKE-UP: The visco-pedic mattress is usually made of 100% visco-elastic memory foam. The foam has the top notch specialty of responding to the bodys temperature and shape, thus making sleep very comfortable.

The visco-memory foam is specially formulated polyurethane foam that allows foam to alter its firmness based upon your body's temperature. The visco memory foam eliminates the localized pressure caused by other mattresses and reacts to your body's temperature triggering the foam to become smooth.

Visco pedic mattresses are the better alternative for a better nights sleep. If you are tired of your conventional mattress and are looking for that memorable something guaranteeing a restful night, the visco-pedic mattress is for you.

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